Our Team



Emmanuel Druskas

Real Estate Broker

Emmanuel Druskas has been in the construction industry for over ten years, prior to his real estate career as a broker. His knowledge of the construction industry coupled with his experience as a real estate broker, a truly unique combination, provides his clients with an added advantage. His understanding of the many problems that may arise during a transaction and his ability to provide practical solutions, has greatly facilitated his clients during the selling and buying process.

For the last ten years, Emmanuel has also specialized in representing lending institutions in selling foreclosed properties. This niche market has bloomed into other opportunities, one of which is his new project:

CAP Industries

Mobile: 514 969 5080
E-mail: info@emmanueldruskas.com

Emmanuel’s philosophy

On buyers: Buyers often feel they are second class citizens, as brokers try to fit them into their own “mold” rather than try to shape themselves around the needs of their clients.

On sellers: Preparing the seller in finding the right balance between representing the actual market conditions, the actual state of the property and the most effective marketing strategies, is a balancing act that very few brokers are capable of accomplishing.

After ten years in the industry, Emmanuel feels that there is no realtor that can specifically cater to all the needs of each individual buyer or seller, which is why his philosophy is that a team is required.

 A TEAM has multiple advantages:

 Our team has multiple disciplines and qualities that are appealing to a variety of buyers and sellers. This allows us to match each client with each broker according to their needs and requirements.

The other advantage that a team can provide is accessibility, as someone will be available at all times to respond to the demands of our clients.



Despina Koukouvais

Real Estate Broker

Despina has been in the real estate market for nearly ten years and has extensive knowledge of the industry, having successfully worked with three leading real estate agencies (Century 21, Re/Max and Royal LePage). Trilingual and loyal to her clients, her outgoing personality has made her endearing and has given her one of the highest retention rates of clientele. As a wife and mother of two, Despina can easily sympathize with families and couples and the various situations that they may encounter throughout their searches.


Mobile: 514 885 5768
E-mail: info@despinakoukouvais.com




Maria Dimoliapis

Real Estate Broker

Maria has a Bachelor’s Degree from Concordia University in Marketing, which enables her to promote our properties through various media such as web, print and direct marketing. Her experience in real estate is extensive as she first started as an administrative assistant for a Real Estate Agency for three years before transitioning into working as a Broker herself.  In her first year, she was awarded the title “Rookie of the Year” in an office of over 130 brokers. In the last three years, she has gained experience in many fields such as: residential, commercial as well as multi-dwelling units. Her attention to detail and methodical approach have translated into many successful transactions, while her compassion and patience have gained her clients’ confidence and loyalty.

Mobile: 514 880 4608 
E-mail: info@mariadimoliapis.com


Liza Kaglis

Administrative Assistant

Liza joined our team last year and with her positive and motivating personality, has won the trust of clients and colleagues alike. Liza is the key intermediary between our clients, brokers and staff and makes sure to provide answers to everyone’s requests and inquiries. Some of her main tasks include the management of all active listings, the implementation of our marketing strategies and the everyday administration of all our office.  As mother of three teenage boys, her “mother hen” approach at the office is an asset and this shows in her management skills as well as in her great organizational capabilities.

Marlene Assimakopoulos

Administrative Assistant

Marlene is new to our team dynamics but has been a great asset, as she has a vast background in marketing, sociology and banking, and has worked recently as a marketing manager for a large European corporation. Her background as well as her existing network have helped us greatly in expanding our horizons and have opened our industry to the European Market with a growing number of investors interested in the North American Markets.